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Quintessential Yeah Brian

"Yeah Brian" is an exclamatory statement in order to stealthily point out a hot girl. While generally said as "Yeah, Brian", any name can be used, and other forms such as "I agree wholeheartedly, Brian" are also acceptable.

Phrase ModifiersEdit

The use of Alternate Names can also specify certain characteristics as well, such as:

  • Yeah, Brian -- Redheads
  • Yeah, Jojo -- Blond girls
  • Yeah, Tommy -- Fat girls
  • Yeah, Ryan -- Older girls
  • Yeah, Matt -- Asian girls
  • Yeah, Glen -- Pregnant Girls
  • Yeah, Stevie -- dudes

The modifier "Quintissential" can also be added to the front of the phrase to indicate an ideal girl in that category. See Above Picture.

Can also be shortened to just the first letters, for example, "QYB".


While at Disc Golf, coincidentally Jojo would say "Yeah, Brian" when there was a hot girl nearby. The two events were unrelated, but eventually were associated with each other.