Cien Tacos, I think it means 100 tacos.

It kinda looked like this.

During Senior year of highschool, a group of nerds decided during a LAN party to immitate a Simpsons joke, and that decision led to the buying of 100 Tacos at a nearby Jack in the Box (which actually went out of business later, probably because they later allocated too many Taco supplies that went to waste).

They were ordered in this fashion:

2 Jumbo Jacks, A Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Ultimate Cheeseburger, 100 Tacos and a large curly fries.

It took multiple receipts to print the order, and in the back we heard "CIEN TACOS!?!". It took over a half hour to produce said tacos, and it was entirely worth it.

While we ate many a taco (That's what she said), there was inordinate amount left over, and those went to Jojo and Stevie's dog Katie-Bear. She probably got a tumor from it, and that is entirely too soon, I'm sorry about that. Now I feel like a jerk, and I made myself sad.

Additional InfoEdit

Since Brian took the picture, he was not in said picture. Eventually he decided to photoshop himself in. That process eventually snowballed due to Matt's influence into the above picture. It's the greatest picture ever though, so that's okay.

The phrase "Cien Tacos" was used as the name for a World of Warcraft guild.

Also, while looking for the Simpsons clip, I have found out a bunch of people have done this, but we did it first, because we're streets ahead.